Wrap it, tie it, tote it!

Behind a Moismont scarf, you can shelter yourself, get warm, cry, laugh, live ... like behind the walls of a family house.
— Moismont
France and India meet in Moismont. Our scarves are made according to the Indian tradition and filled with a comforting softness.
— Moismont
Source: https://moismont.com/

Janessa Leoné SS18

Modern romance, woven with care.


The process of handweaving Panama Straw requires precision and skill. Each straw hood is woven from natural toquilla straw grown in Ecuador. The fiber is braided into an intricate pattern until a finished hood is produced. The material is sent from Ecuador to our factory where they are shaped and trimmed into finished hats. Each hood is woven by a single weaver and takes anywhere from 8-10 hours to complete the weaving process. Panama straw is weather resistant and provides natural UV protection. It is the choice hat for summer because of it’s lightweight durability. When cared for properly, Panama straw will last a lifetime. Because of the natural fibers, our custom dyed panama colors will transform and change slightly over time. Due to the handwoven pattern and the natural dye, each hat is considered one of a kind. All our hats are made in the USA.
— Janessa Leoné
Source: https://janessaleone.com