Rue de Marli Paris

Rue de Marli is a line of apothecary-inspired bath and body products born from a passion for biological herbs and traditional soap-making methods. With hydrating, relaxing, and skin-nourishing savoir-fair, Rue de Marli is committed to using only 100% certified organic ingredients and plant-based essential oils in their collection of lotions, soaps, fragrance, and candles.


New Designer: Innika Choo

Australian Bali based designer Innika Choo creates a world of whimsy with her smocked collections adorned with intricate hand embroidered details.


This dress, crafted from lightweight fabric, patterned with a subtle little stripe, and hand embroidered daisy petals across the half length puff sleeves. The tea dress is shaped to slim fit, accented with a detachable belt at the waist and faux shell buttons. Adjust the tie-back detailing to suit your preferred neckline, wearing the sleeves on or nearly off the shoulder.


Sleep Domi

Domi meaning “to sleep” in Creole Haitian.

Ali’s Domi evolution was inspired by a trip through the state of Gujarat in India. It was here she fell in love with the simple organic fabrics woven by local village artisans. Since it’s beginning in 2013 the brand has evolved organically and now includes hand spun and woven blankets, organic bedding and prints based on delicate victorian patterns. With an emphasis on keeping it simple, she is excited to be soon offering a small collection of pared down “day wear”.

“ We seek to emphasize the poetry in ordinary existence , so raw or refined, beauty is what we search for.” It’s in this philosophy that guides each and every piece in the Domi collection.
— Domi